If you find you cant reach me at either of those address within 24 hours please call me at (585)738-6057.

Please note that our email address has changed. Please contact us by liking and private messaging me on our facebook page above. You can also email me by going to davidspsalm_23@yahoo.com

(please put angelicurls in the subject line) or click the button below.

Thank you for contacting Angelicurls American Curls!

We sell pet and show quality kittens to anyone who will love our kitties and give them the very best home possible.  While it is ideal to have you come to our home and meet mom and dad before taking a kitty, We ship on an individual limited basis. Your first email from us will be a form email with our questionnaire. We will not sell a kitten to someone who refuses to tell us about themselves.

We sell breeding cats ONLY to established American Curl catteries, CFA, please do not call or email if you are not established at this time. We have a specific contract for each of our cats and kittens sold and will thoroughly follow up with your vet to ensure kitty was spayed or neutered.

We are a Christian cattery, we believe in the ONE true God and His Son, Jesus. We will be presenting you with a track on pick up of your kitty. We are Jesus FREAKS! I look forward to meeting other believers as well as those who I know would LOVE to meet HIM!!!!

I am so looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to your kitty!!!