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In 2011 I began my life-long wish of opening my very own cattery. I have loved lots of different breeds over the years. I did tons of research and decided I wanted Ragdolls. I went about looking for a breeder but instead was contacted by a woman who bred American Curls. I had never heard of them. After  I saw those ears I knew this was the breed for me! The fact that they were a new breed, that they were put here by God, not a man-made designer breed, and those adorable ears and twirly meow....I was hooked. I had only ever had domestics growing up and was shocked that the ears on these kitties were only one amazing thing about them! They were extremely affectionate, hilariously playful and LOVED kids.

So I got my first 3 babies and the rest is history.

Having a business while homeschooling 5 children, spending quality time with hubby and my oldest who has graduated, was difficult enough with timing! Add onto that that just recently my husband and I felt led to adopt a precious baby from China....my life is beautifully hectic. Because of this, emails are the best way to get a hold of me. Please dont hesitate to email with any questions!

*If you are a breeder or would like to begin a breeding program please call*